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Here you can find current publications as downloads on the topic of quality assurance and development in vocational education and training.

Quality Assurance of In-Company-Training- Brochure is now available in four Languages

This brochure contains a structured overview of central quality assurance mechanisms which underlie the company-based part of initial training in the dual system in Germany. It informs about the most important regulations, procedures and stakeholders which secure and pursue the further development of training quality at the company as a learning venue. Addressed are education and training experts from the field of, policy making and practice in Germany and Europe.

Quality assurance in VET is a classic cross-cutting task. It encompasses all aspects of vocational education and training - from the development of national training standards at the system level to the in-company training plan at the provider level. This brochure provides an overview of the central mechanisms of quality assurance for the in-company part of initial training in the dual system in Germany. It provides information on the most important regulations, procedures and actors that ensure and further develop the quality of training at the company as a place of learning. It addresses education experts from academic research, politics and practice in Germany as well as in Europe and internationally.

Due to the great international interest in the question of how to ensure quality in in-company training, the BIBB brochure is now available in German, English, Spanish and Russian. You will find the different language versions in the publication slider on the right-hand side of the page.

Quality initiatives of intermediary institutions – the provision of the Chambers

Sabbagh, Helena; Ansmann, Moritz | 2023

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Quality assurance of company-based training in the dual system in Germany : an overview for practitioners and VET experts

Guellali, Chokri; Achenbach, Michaela; Biebeler, Hendrik u.a. | 2017

Compendium Quality of in-company vocational education and training

Gaylor, Claudia; Follner, Magdalene; Barkholz, Sylvia u.a. | 2015