Quality Initiatives of Intermediary Institutions

Chambers of Trade, Industry and Commerce, employers’ associations and many other intermediary institutions make an indispensable contribution to ensuring and promoting the quality of in-company training through a wide range of measures. A project carried out by DEQA-VET is now attempting to systematically investigate quality initiatives at the intermediate level.

Quality Initiatives of Intermediary Institutions

+++ Update: Online survey of chambers +++

Between July and September 2020 the project conducted an online survey of all chambers of trades and chambers of industry and commerce. The aim was to investigate the dissemination and the design of quality initiatives for in-company vocational training initiatives. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the chambers that took part in the survey and thus provided us with an insight into the diversity of all quality initiatives. We will inform you here about the results in due course.

In Germany, quality assurance of company-based vocational education and training takes place at all three levels of vocational education and training: In addition to the system level and the company level, the intermediary level is of central importance here. Chambers, but also sectoral and employers' associations and trade unions are involved here in various measures to promote and ensure company-based training quality.

For example, in addition to their statutory mandate (advising companies and trainees, monitoring training, organising examinations), chambers have increasingly launched various so called "quality initiatives" in recent years which aim to enhance or to honor the quality of in-company vocational training. Trade and employers’ associations are also committed to this goal by e.g. introducing quality certificates by which training companies can advertise for themselves. Yet little is known about the actual dissemination, characteristics and relevance of such quality initiatives at the intermediate level. DEQA-VET is therefore pursuing the goal of an initial systematic inventory. By doing so, DEQA-VET intends to make the initiatives visible in all their diversity.

To this end, the project "Qualitätsinitiativen intermediärer Einrichtungen sowie freiwillige Zertifizierungsangebote für kleine und mittlere Ausbildungsbetriebe im dualen System" is being funded for the period 2019 to 2021 by the EU Erasmus+ programme.

We will inform you here in due course about the progress and results of the project.

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