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Working Groups

Working groups are a central part of the EQAVET Work Programme since 2010. Their key task is to develop practical guidance and materials which will assist Member States in developing their national approaches to reporting on the implementation of the Recommendation.

Each working group comprises members designated by Member States and representatives of the social partners and VET providers. The groups are guided and supported by appointed quality assurance experts.

Working groups provide an opportunity for sharing experiences, discussion on policy examples and production of policy-useful material to support the best use of the Reference Framework according to specific national requirements. They build on existing expertise and aim to contribute effective solutions to the issues faced by participating countries, whilst significantly contributing to progress in the work ahead.
Source: EQAVET Working Groups 

Work Programme 2013-2015

In line with the EQAVET Work Programme 2013-2015 the working groups will adress the following tasks...

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Work Programme 2010-2012

In line with the EQAVET Work Programme 2010-2012 the working groups addressed the following tasks...

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