DEQA-VET: Employability skills

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Employability skills

The reform of the Vocational Training Act in 2005 statutorily established the model of employability skills as the aim of vocational education and training. Vocational proficiency is defined as follows in section 1 paragraph 3 of the Vocational Training Act (BBiG):

"Vocational education and training has to provide in a well-regulated course the capabilities, knowledge and skills (vocational proficiency) necessary for the exercise of a qualified vocational activity in a changing working environment. It also has to make possible the acquisition of the occupational experience required."

For some years, the term competence has almost always been used when it comes to the ability of the individual to do meaningful work in a vocational context. There is no legal base for this term in the German vocational education and training system as yet, however, nor does it appear in the 2005 version of the Vocational Training Act.

Both the KMK and the BMBF integrated the term competence into their definitions of "vocational proficiency" (BMBF) and "vocational competence" (KMK).

To illustrate the conceptual basics, first of all, the definition approaches of the KMK and the BMBF are presented briefly in the following pages. You will find information about the DQR concept of competence on another page.