As in previous years, in 2010 too, cooperation among EU member states focused on creating a joint education and training area and implementing the Lisbon goals. The central implementation instrument was the EU programme for lifelong learning and the joint “Work programme of the EU Council and Commission 2010”. It was adopted by Council decision in May 2009 and put on a new basis in the “Strategic Framework 2020”. Putting lifelong learning and mobility for education and training into practice and improving the quality and efficiency of general and vocational training were the overarching goals agreed on. A series of benchmarks for monitoring overall European progress in this area were also agreed on. Further schemes that should be emphasised in discussing 2010 include the EU flagship initiative “Youth on the move”, which aims to improve the opportunities of young people looking for employment and increase the quality and attractiveness of general and vocational training in Europe, the EU’s “New Skills for New Jobs” initiative, and the Bruges Communique, part of the Copenhagen Process, which will increase European cooperation in the area of vocational training from 2011 to 2020.  

Source: Report on Vocational Education and Training for the Year 2011 (Chapter 5: European and international co-operation in vocational education and training)

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