DEQA-VET: EQAVET Sectoral Seminars

EQAVET Sectoral Seminars

Here you may find some information about the EQAVET Sectoral Seminars which were already held. Until spring 2012 three seminars of this kind have taken place.

A Briefing Paper, edited by the EQAVET Secretariat, gives more detailed information about this series of conferences.

3. EQAVET Sectoral Seminar


Here you find the documentation of the 3rd Sectoral Seminar “Quality Assurance of Training in the Construction sector” which took place in Rome/Italy.

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2. EQAVET Sectoral Seminar


On 8 and 9 December 2011 the 2nd Sectoral Seminar (Tourism and Catering Sector) took place in the hotel management school WIHOGA in Dortmund/Germany.

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1. EQAVET Sectoral Seminar

On 23 and 24 May 2011 the 1st Sectoral Seminar on “Quality assurance of Training in the Healthcare sector” took place in Stavanger/Norway.

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