DEQA-VET: Quality development in vocational schools in Berlin

Quality development in vocational schools in Berlin

The enactment of the new School Act in Berlin in 2004 marked the start of a quality campaign anchored in educational policy and oriented to systematic quality development of individual schools. All schools in Berlin have been required to present their school programme since 2006.

We would like to introduce two projects for systematic quality development in Berlin school to you here: The SUE project "Systematic Lesson Development in Vocational Schools through Integrative Quality Managment" (2009 -2011) and its predecessor project QEBS, "Quality Development in Vocational Schools" (2006 - 2008).

Systematic development of classroom teaching in vocational schools through integrative quality management (Systematische UnterrichtsEntwicklung, SUE)

The final report of the project SUE is on hand. From 2009 to 2011 ten vocational schools in Berlin participated in this project...

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QEBS project

The QEBS project focuses on the development of an effective strategic-operative instrument for self-management...

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School inspection in Berlin

The second round of school inspections began in Berlin in the 2011/12 school year...

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