DEQA-VET: 13 September 2012: 5th EQAVET Projects Seminar

13 September 2012: 5th EQAVET Projects Seminar

The seminar will develop the theme “Commonalities and specificities: What can we learn, how can we cooperate?”

It seems that there are already a lot of approaches and running practices in the field of Quality Assurance in other educational sectors both at national level and at company level. In this seminar, on one hand, we go more into depth in quality assurance systems from an “intersectoral” perspective. The main objectives is to find out what goes well, what are the conditions for a well functioning QA system, what are the differences with QA in VET. In other words, what can we learn from other practices.

On the other hand, the seminar will focus on how to comply QA systems at different levels. If there is already a QA system at national level, what does this mean for the development of a QA system at VET providers level? Or if there is already a QA system at VET providers level, what does this means for EQAVET implementation? How can we make sure that there is compliance between EQAVET and existing QA systems?

From 09.00 to 12.00 - nur in englischer Sprache!

Welcome speeches and agenda for the seminar

  • Barbara Hemkes, Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB)
  • Sophie Weisswange, Policy Officer, Unit Vocational Training - European Commission
  • Claudio Dondi, Coordinator, EQAVET Promotion and Knowledge Management Unit

Introduction to the theme: "Commonalities and specificities"
Highlight from the background documents

  • Claudio Dondi (SCIENTER)

"Commonalities and specificities: Strategies and implementation"

  • Speaker 1: Barbara Hemkes (BIBB): Strategies to promote Quality Assurance at system level
  • Speaker 2: Martina Jalloh (Rewe Group): Quality Assurance from an "in company" perspective

Q&A session with the participants

 10.30 Coffee break

Forum with the 5 EQAVET project representatives,
Theme: "commonalities and specificities: Experiences and practices"

  • Moderation: Anthony Camilleri (EFQUEL)
 11.45 Reflection on the discussion by Claudio Dondi, Sophie Weisswange and Thomas Gruber

Gustav Stresemann Institut (GSI)
Langer Grabenweg 68
53175 Bonn-Bad Godesberg

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